Friday, July 9, 2010

Whoa, Nelly: The Epic that is Wyoming.

This state is unreal.

Tetons- Amazing, Beautiful, Striking. Not to mention the climbing was fun to boot.

Yellowstone- UHhhhhhhhh. Too much to describe other than......
A. The American Safari
B. Fucking HUGE
C. Kinda like Jurassic Park. Which makes it amazing.

Devils Tower- Awesome route we took to get to the top. Being at the top is surreal as well, knowing that those who have summited worked for it, climbed, sweat(depending on the time of year, i know we did) only to get a view only climbers and a few people hauled up it get. Our names are on the register and in the annals of history. I will be back, for more than just one route at a time.

Wyoming you impressed the hell out of me, and I will be back for everything I have seen and more.

I want to be a Cowboy.

Now for a night of showering and chillin out.

Needles and the Black Hills tomorrow........

and Home shortly after that.

Stay Sexy Followers!


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  1. Just as long as you don't adopt Kid Rock's persona.