Friday, July 9, 2010

The Whirlwind Tour carries on

I'll try to keep this quick, John and I have been on the road a lot, A LOT, for the past few days. We dropped Jeff off at the airport on the 5th, spend the day in Seattle then banzai'd across Washington and camped in Idaho. Spent the whole next day on the road, cutting across Montana and down into Idaho again, then finally into Wyoming. We woke the next day and drove through Jackson Hole, did some sport climbing in Grand Teton National Park (absolutely beautiful, probably the most rugged looking peak we have in the lower 48). The we drove to Yellowstone, saw old faithful, and slept in the van for lack of a campground. We drove back into Yellowstone the next day, here is a comprehensive list of animals we could have hit with vanna:
-Deer (lots)
-a weird looking goat
-ground squirrel

oh and...

-Bison, LOTS of bison.

Yellowstone is awesome, it is so freakin huge that it is hard to comprehend. I have to go back there and explore it more fully as we essentially drove through it as if on an African safari. From there we did a long day of driving to reach Devil's Tower. Today we climbed it, my second time, John's first trip up it. It was awesome, as expected, but we wont be lingering. The tour moves fast, next stop is the Needles.


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