Monday, July 5, 2010


This place sucks for climbing. Almost everything we put our hands on turned to be a fucked up route. I feel bad for Jeff, slightly.

Let me get you back to speed. Since the last time we talked Tony and I perused Downtown Portland for my 23rd. That was interesting to say the least. We stopped in a bitchin bookstore and bought some gifts for someone else (isn't that so nice, I bought gifts for others on my birthday). Then wandered around for a good hour to find a decent bar, only to realize they were right around the corner from the bookstore, durp. But we managed to find something after the wandering.

We got drunk and played Connect 4 in a little hole in the wall called the TapRoom. Nice. Had some interesting local brews, one rose flavored beer which was super confusing. Tasted like chewing on a bunch of rose petals.

On the way back to the hotel we missed the last train out, found a bus, then pissed outside, just FYI.

The next day, slowly rising we left for Seattle realizing it was only 3 hours max from Portland. A nice added surprise. But let me say, apart from putting on Nevermind when we hit city limits we didn't see much at all. Thats tomorrow. But we did go to the Flagship REI, it sucked, Denver Flagship is much better. Ooooo Ahhhh a waterfall in front of the store. Its fake, who gives a shit.

After that venture, Tony had a new pack and we left for Carter.

A beautiful drive on the Peninsula, led us to Olympic National Park/Forest and closer to the town of Forks. Now you may not know what that means, but I asked my wonderful girlfriend why there were so many "Welcome Twilight Fans" signs around.

Just so happens that is where the book is set; Forks, Washington. F-U-C-K.

Everything was twilight, fucking everything. Even firewood was twilight themed. UGGGGH at least we were headed to the rainforest.

But oh wait, I got a sinus attack, and it is still sort of going on. So i was miserable on a few short hikes in the Hoh Rainforest and skipped out on the other one we drove to, opting to take a nap in a car. I wanted to die.

The next day we drove out to leavenworth for some climbing. But oh wait, all the campgrounds were full. Fuck. So he had to drive 60 miles away to get one. Carter woke us up at 6 this morning after I couldnt sleep for more than an hour at a time, only to find out that the climbing sucks balls. At least all the stuff we got on.

So we clouded our minds with fastfood and now Starbucks.

Washington Sucks, hopefully Seattle can redeem it.


(From the editor: the wi-fi in Leavenworth sucked so i couldn't upload this at the angsty moment. I am now in the First Starbucks in Seattle. FUCK LEAVENWORTH.)


  1. Dude,

    You just need a local to show you leavenworth and where to camp. Should have let me known you were coming, I live in Bellingham, WA (although I'm in Alaska at the moment). Leavenworth actually rocks, sorry you had such a shitty experience.

  2. And if that was a fountain of booze, you'd be diabetic in an hour.

  3. Okay one last try at defending myself, since it failed to post my last two attmepts. I RESENT BEING MADE TO LOOK LIKE A TWIHARD. Yes, I have read the books (when your 19-yr old male cousin owns the movies and the books, you start to think maybe they aren't as horrible as bad as you thought, and the story sucks you in, okay?), and yes, I have seen the movies and even paid to see the most recent one in theatres. But that's only because my friends make fun of them and turn it into a huge drinking game. It's the only way to make those mind-numbing slop-fests entertaining, you know. Even if you don't drink, being uber critical and dubbing in your own lines is entertainment enough.
    Now hopefully this posts so the masses know your girlfriend is not a Twihard, despite how you made me look like one.