Monday, July 5, 2010

The long road home.

We have reached the nexus of our trip. Carter is at the airport and we are in the 1st ever starbucks plotting our course to Feathered Friends(and what I will buy).

It is odd to think it is almost over. We are almost a month in, and there is the maximum of 12 days to get back to the AH. No fun, but its been a while. Its wearing on us both now and in some situations its funny. Like yesterday and my rant of Leavenworthlessness. Fun stuff.

There really isn't that much to post other than these few rants.

1. How many more Hawks will go? I havent been reading into the trades at all, but I am assuming that Buff, Steeger, Sopes, Bur, Ladd, Eags, and Fraiser were thrown away in hopes of locking in Niemi and Hjalmarsson. We will see.

2. Go Deutschland! Take those Spaniards out back. This world cup looked super interesting by the looks of it, too bad I missed/ will miss it all. Oh well.

3. Withdrawl. You know.

Anywho, Love you all and you will see more of myself and Tony soon. Just be patient. Some of you may get gifts. OOOOOOOOOOOO


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