Friday, June 25, 2010

The perfect way to start a day...

You let the warmth and light of the sun wake you in the morning. Crawl out of your sleeping bag and slip out of the tent, walk through short dry grass and yellow wild flowers to a gently flowing river of crystal clear water. Kick off your flip-flops and loosen your shoulders, then practice yoga as you feel the sun on your back, and the smooth gravel sand shifting between your toes and fingers. Then, when your yoga session is finished, strip down and jump into the cold clear water for a refreshing bath (don't worry, no one is around to see you). Scrub the smell of woodsmoke from your skin and hair. When you're limbs are shaking from the cold, come ashore and dry out in the warmth of the sun. Go back to camp, make and eat your breakfast, wash your bowl, greet the day.


p.s. We left Tahoe and passed through Lassen National Park yesterday, we didn't do much there because the road was closed due to snow, but man was it pretty. Today we are on the coast, in Eureka, California. Beach bouldering and Redwood wandering are the order of the day. We may strike out for Oregon tonight.

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  1. There's no internet here, We're goin' Californi way.