Monday, June 14, 2010

It Begins

So Tony and I have crossed the country, Thank Jebus.

The drive, although long, went nightmarishly well. Unless of course you count the odd conversations/role playing we did through out Nebraska. Waiting for us in Denver was the muse that is Wahoo's, which gave us the extra gas to push us over the Continental Divide and on to our first campsite......

The roaring stream behind the site made us worried but we left unscathed to fend for ourselves in Utah: Land of Hannah's People.

This was my first time driving through and actually "touring" Utah. I have to say I wasn't dissapointed. Apart from Obama's Rebuilding America, which is still putting a damper on the speeds at which we can get from destination to destination (more on that later).

Tony got to show me the fantastic land in which he worked last summer. BEAUTIFUL. Easy way to describe it right there. Pushing through and past Escalante we pitched our 2nd camp near Bryce Canyon and cracked open some Blue Ribbons had a roaring fire then passed out, only to view this the next morning......
Stay sexy Bryce Canyon.

After our first of many National Parks of the trip, we thought we were headed to the second. Only to find out "Hardness" had hit Zion, in the form of an intense storm. So we cut our losses realized we still saw a good amount that morning and headed to Vegas.

So the next morning we left Vegas with sights of a little town on the eastern side of the Sierras to host us for the next few nights, Bishop.

And that brings us here, to the Looney Bean Coffee Shop, on Bishop's Main Street. We have climbed, although not so hard. Our hands are still soft from all that driving and this volcanic tuff is hell on the hands.

It has only begun, July 17th is a long way away. Good.

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  1. Fucking dicks..writing two posts for me to read. Should have written two separate blogs! What are you geighties in a geighties minivan traveling a highway for each other, gays?

    You spoke little of Vegas. I figure you left the lewdness behind, as per City Tourism Advertisement Law. As Gob says, "I've made a huge mistake."

    June 17th is a far ways off, so stop counting. I'll be home by the crock-pot, cooking baby's cornmeal, thinking of you faggots. Be well.