Monday, June 14, 2010

It Has Begun!

We left Wednesday night after the Hawks big Stanley Cup win. We didn't much past the Iowa border before grabbing 40 winks at a truck stop. A few hours later I jumped behind the wheel and pressed on as dawn's rosy fingers played in the rear view. We talked, laughed, and nearly lost our minds getting through Nebraska before a much needed rest and refuel (Wahoo's Tacos) in Denver. We plowed through the mountains with the sun setting and camped along a river outside of Grand Junction. Woke to a Robin feeding her young in the tree we pitched our tent under. Packed down some strawberries and yogurt and threaded our way through Utah.

We took the Scenic route 12, I reminisced, John slept. I stopped in Escalante long enough to dip my toes in the river and cringe at the Russian Olives. We camped that night outside of Bryce Canyon, woke to Coyote singing. Hiked around Bryce, enjoyed the Hoodoos and mountain blue birds all around. Zion was a bust, massive thunderstorms, so we go to Vegas early.

I survived Vegas with some sanity left, that place is what fucking space stations on Mars are going to look like, all fake clouds on the ceiling, fake waterways, fake people, etc. But my friend PBR got me through it well enough. Finally arrived in Bishop, CA yesterday and touched rock for the first time on this trip. The blocks are massive and absolutely everywhere, it is really inspiring, if not a bit scary. Next update should come from Yosemite



  1. You boys plowed through like my caulk laying in tubgirl's bath cracks. It's a pleasure to know you're alive out there, unbound by ridiculous job pursuits or choking suburban sprawl. I wish I was part of the task but I'll have to live this through your posts instead. You'd better write lengthier; this cock-tease is going to suck if I have to deal with it for another month.

  2. Tonto is your trail name? Har! Har! Awesome! I look forward to reading about your adventure west!

    --Fur Bob the Travel Bear