Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Double Down

It has been challenged. I don't know if it, or I will come out victorious. But the KFC Double Down was in fact, put down.

Besides that point we are alive, and now have an endless amount of internetting thanks to Starbucks. Well 2 hours a day but if we go over that we have other problems on our hands.

We need to get down to other business though, explaining our absence. It's been a while since the Looney Bean in Bishop. A lot has happened in that time, and for the most part it was phenomenal. Lets list the things that we had done.

1. Drove to Yosemite and the day of failures.

2. Spent five full days in The Valley.

3. Ate at a gourmet gas station.

4. Drove to Lake Tahoe

5. Climbed at Luther Spires

6. Ate a Double Down

Okay, now lets break that down one at a time.

1. Our day of failures. It sucked, it was miserable but in the end it was still enjoyable. We got to Yosemite around 9 in the morning to secure a site at Camp 4, the Valleys only walk in campground (that means its crowded). We thought 9 was early enough, it wasn't so we were left wondering what we would do for camping that night.

We put that behind us and decided to climb a really easy 3 pitch 5.4. Well that was a shithole gully, that ended with us rapping off bushes to get back to the ground. We weren't as pissed as we thought we would be because of the view we had of the valley during that shit climb. So on to our next failure.

Actually it was a Yosemite Fail. They stopped making the El Cap Combo burger. Fuckers. So we ate pizza that gave us the runs.

We wanted to go boulder, but Curry Village was closed off at points due to the rock fall a few years ago. So we ended up passing out buy the merced on our crashpads for two hours.

With some rest behind us we ventured to find a spot to sleep for the night. It turned out it was easier than we thought. We put some beers down and discussed how early we would get up to get a spot in Camp 4.

4:30 a.m.

The rush of a life time. We packed everything so damn fast the tent didn't even make it in its bag. Partially hallucinating and worried we got in the line positive we would get a site. We were right.

2. Valley residents, for a week.

That deserves a blog entry entirely. But to put it plain and simple. We chilled out, hard. Did some bouldering, single pitch, a 3 pitch climb and a 5 pitch climb named Nutcracker. Met some new friends, drank a jug of Carlo Rossi, and had a blast. I even chased out a few bears during our stay. I may do an entry solely on the time in the valley, lots to write at the moment.

3. Gourmet food in a gas station.

Yes, its true. Delicious fish tacos at a Mobil in Lee Vining, CA. Just outside of yosemite. Fucking Awesome. I didn't even get a sticker to throw on my roadtrip water bottle, bah.

4. The drive to Tahoe

Tony almost fell asleep at the wheel in broad daylight. We switched driving then. Tahoe is beautiful, even the KFC looked classy, thats what sucked us in for the double down today. We set up camp at Lovers Leap and relaxed. The Jack Daniels bottle was finally killed.

5. Climbing at Luther Spires.

Finally some sport climbing. And boy was it phenomenal, with a view to boot. The hike up, and the roaming the spires was sort of a bitch. Other than that, probably the best sport cliff i've been to. Super aesthetic climbs, on short to medium size spires with amazing views of the sierras. Amazing day.

6. The Double Down

Its what you expect, America in a nutshell. Fuck bread, use chicken as the buns. It was tasty, but wreaked havoc on me 20 minutes later. But I took care of that. In the middle of writing this entry in fact!

Which brings us to the end of my entry. Tony is writing one that is probably the exact same thing, but I got mine up first. HAHAHAHAHHA.

Sorry the entry got pretty to the point with out telling a story, but I'm tired so screw you.

Now I have to go put some pictures so you can all see the shit we are. Toodles.

- Johnny the Monkey


  1. You realize that Tony's ends up being the first post, so it doesn't matter if you actually posted first, right? :D

    Also: WAY TOO MUCH POTTY INFORMATION!!! No one wants to know about the details of your digestion, trust me. Blech.

    And you said Tahoe sucked because it wasn't the Valley... silly boy. Enjoy your trip, enjoy the views, even if they're not in Yosemite, because sooner than you'd like you'll be right back in your cemented corner of flat, cliff-less Illinois. But also back to me, which of course makes everything that much better. Obviously. :D

  2. Between bear texts, balls texts and KFC texts, you live a much too sober Bukowski escapade. I'm glad to hear you boys are shitting yourselves brainless from booze and brawny food. If it helps, the views are phenomenal and I'd sooner enjoy waking glances at those bucolic scenes than fuck 40 sluts in the burbs on a dumptruck bed lined with cocaine and Crown Royal. Keep it classy bwoy!